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Buy with Care

I want to start by saying that Chandelle, my Social Media Manager, recently bought a home through a private sale, and has graciously agreed to use her take-aways in my blogs.

Over the next couple weeks, she will be sharing her personal experiences with you!

Please read her insights below!

Would you buy a home with someone who doesn’t care about you?

Of course you wouldn’t.

That’s how it can feel during a private sale when you deal directly with the money-crunchers, instead of going through an agent.

As a real estate agent, Jenni is there for you, making the process feel personal. Not only does she act as the intermediary for the day-to-day, administrative work, but she gets to know you as a person, making sure every single decision that’s made is right for you.

In my opinion and experience, buying a home without a real estate agent, like Jenni, is like buying a home with someone who doesn’t care about you!

*Not intended to solicit buyers or sellers currently under contract.

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