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What Our Clients Say


Lorna LeBrun

"Everything is so beautiful & tranquil!"

When I chose Jenni Does Designs for my home makeover, my request was for a soothing colour decor in tones of sepia, with added bling in the fixtures. Jenni worked with me selecting various products. The lighting fixtures were carefully chosen for thier bling and dazzling light.

Price 3.JPG

Our kitchen looks fresh & modern!


We are very happy with the job. Jenni is a professional.


We recommend her!

Anna Ferraro


Lorna LeBrun

"It's a joy to live & entertain in my home!"

"To finish off the rooms, Jenni selected delicate blinds for the kitchen, with a translucent fern pattern, and for the living room, adjustable sheer blinds for privacy."

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