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Colour Consultation Special

Colour consultations, though eDesign, are half price right now! That means you get a 1-hr virtual consultation with my fellow Interior Decorator and Social Media Manager, Chandelle!

The hour includes: all correspondence (emails, phone calls, texts, and virtual meetings) plus the final paint colour and finish recommendations. We can even suggest painters, should you require them.

To make things easier, let me tell you about the process, and steps:

1) DM us on social media, or email us at to let us know you're interested in the consultation.

2) We will send you a few questions to help the process run smoothly, like what room(s) you're looking at updating. Easy stuff! No complicated math questions! We promise! Well, maybe the size of your room if you need help figuring out how much paint to buy.

3) We will need you to email photos of your space, furniture included. Basically anything that will help us understand your needs and wants: accessories, decorative pillows, art, etc. Inspirational photos are also encouraged!

4) Once this is done, and your virtual meeting* is booked, we would ask for you to e-transfer $50 to or we can arrange for you to pay with a Credit Card.

5) During the virtual meeting, we ask you to physically walk us through your space to get a better understanding of your wants and needs. It's during this time we can have a deeper conversation about what you're looking to accomplish.

6) After the meeting, you'll be sent paint colour recommendations, including: colour name, colour code, paint line, and paint finish, as well as what room and/or wall the paint will go on.

*If you're unable to have a virtual meeting, we will do our best to accommodate, and do this entire process through email.

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