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eDesign is Online

eDesign. What is it? Easy? Excellent? Effortless? Edgy? While all of those words would be perfectly suitable to explain eDesign, the e actually refers to the fact that the design is all done on line (electronically.)

Why is this positive? For so many reasons!

  • It reduces overhead, which makes it more affordable!

  • It allows the designer and the client (you) to work from the comfort of your own home, or the beach, or Starbucks. You can even keep your comfies on! No judgment!

  • It allows for an electronic "paper trail" to better track and enhance communication.

  • It allows for the job to be completed faster, since travel has been eliminated.

  • It connects you to furniture, art, and accessory options that you can order online and have delivered to your door.

Jenni Does Designs offers several eDesign packages: Home Office Design, Colour Consults, Floor Plans, and Room Design.

What are you waiting for!? A consultation is free, and there are no obligations! Book one today! :)

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